On-Demand Webinar: Endpoints, September 27th, 2023

Webinar: The Rise of mRNA Manufacturing

Sponsored by Project Farma and Precision ADVANCE, this panel will feature insights from industry leaders on the future of mRNA Manufacturing. 

This discussion will be moderated by Anshul Mangal (President, Project Farma & Precision ADVANCE), and includes insights from Aaron Allen (Director, Global Quality, External Engagement, Moderna), Andrew Geall (Co-founder and Chief Development Officer, Replicate Bioscience), Venkata Indurthi (CSO, Aldevron), Chad Salisbury (Sr. Vice President, Project Farma), and Jane True (Global Vice President, mRNA Commercial Strategy Innovation & Pandemic Security Lead, Pfizer). Wednesday, September 27th, 11 – 12pm EST. 

Attendees will hear from experts about:

  • Current state of the market for mRNA-based medicines
  • Techniques to optimize manufacturing and technical operations for mRNA manufacturing
  • Best in class practices for facility planning, operational readiness and startup
  • Strategies for CQV, quality, automation & engineering for mRNA facilities