Publications - 02.15.2024

Publication: Precision Manufacturing EBook

Precision Manufacturing: Optimizing the Manufacturing Lifecycle for Transformative Medicines

Download and Discover:

  • Key considerations for precision medicine and emerging biopharma companies when determining an ideal technical operations strategy
  • Critical steps to successfully navigate biotech project planning and controls from drug discovery to manufacturing and marketing
  • Industry trends driving decision-making of mass-production of novel therapeutics
  • Benefits and strategies for upgrading to an electronic quality management systems (eQMS)
  • Best practices for optimizing a validation master plan (VMP), achieving short-term and long-term success
  • Comprehensive method for designing and implementing automation strategies
  • Roadmap to successfully meeting pharmaceutical and biotech facility pre-approval inspection

This Ebook offers a comprehensive overview of the manufacturing lifecycle and nuances of modern technical operations in transformative medicine. It highlights expert insights gained through Precision for Medicine’s 100+ technical operations partnerships with leading biotech and pharmaceutical innovators.

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