Philanthropy & Culture: PF Hosts Karaoke Night for Charity

PF Hosts Karaoke Night for Charity

As a patient-focused delivery team, we are committed to connecting our team members to patients and their families. Connecting our team to the patients has fostered a culture within our organization that is focused on providing solutions, meeting deadlines, and getting results.  

As part of our commitment to bringing team members, partners, and patients together, our Raleigh-Durham Project Farma team hosted a karaoke night for our family, friends, other industry leaders in the region! Our team committed to donating $25 to the Alliance of Disability Advocates for every song sang by a Project Farma Team Member. At the end of the night, our team had raised over $2,000 for the Alliance of Disability Advocates – empowering, advocating and advancing consumer-led and consumer-driven initiatives for individuals in North Carolina who experience a disability.

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