On-Demand Webinar: Endpoints, June 29th, 2023

Webinar: Maximizing Efficiency In Your Next State-of-the-Art Facility Build 

Sponsored by Project Farma, a Precision for Medicine Company, and Precision ADVANCE, this panel will feature insights from industry leaders on their organization’s risk-based approaches, strategies, and regulatory, manufacturing, and commercial needs to maximize efficiency in their facility build.  

This discussion will be moderated by Chad Salisbury (Sr. Vice President, Project Farma), and include insights from Adam Barlow (CEO and Founder, Baseline Controls), Antinea Chair (VP Technical Operations, Cellares), Steve Marr (Head of Capital, Real Estate, and Facilities, Spark), and Sarah Stoll (Sr. Director, Project Farma).

Attendees will hear from experts about:

  • Implementing effective program/project management and communication tools to drive adherence to cost, schedule and quality  
  • Establishing robust project controls and integrated schedules early and maintaining discipline throughout the build 
  • Developing risk-based approaches for various phases including design, construction, CQV and quality 
  • Effective strategies to minimize risk of supply chain delays 
  • Integrating operational readiness early to ensure timely facility startup