On-Demand: The Great Debate – Internal vs. External Manufacturing for Advanced Therapies

Co-hosted by Endpoints Webinars, this panel discussion will address the growing industry concerns regarding manufacturing hurdles unique to cell and gene therapy.  Watch as our panel of experts helps set the landscape for the current state of the advanced therapy sector and share key considerations that go into deciding whether to scale-up manufacturing internally or look to an external supplier like a CDMO.

Determining the right approach to manufacturing is crucial when bringing advanced therapies from clinical to commercialization, and this video has key insights you won’t want to miss.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Arsalan Arif (Founder & Publisher of Endpoints News) and feature insights from John Khoury (EVP Project Farma), Faraz Ali (CEO of Tenaya Therapeutics), Bruce Goldsmith (President & CEO of Passage Bio), Brian C. Riley (SVP of Technical Operations Beam Therapeutics), and Audrey Greenberg (Co-founder of Discovery Labs). It will be followed by an interactive Q & A session.

After the webinar, attendees will be able to: 

  • Understand the key factors that a cell and gene therapy should consider when deciding between scaling up manufacturing internally or using an external supplier
  • Appreciate the state of the advanced therapy industry and why we need to resolve the manufacturing bottleneck to bring advanced medicines to the patients and families who need them
  • Recognize that both solutions, build or buy, have their advantages and challenges and that sometimes a hybrid solution may be the best approach.

To watch the on-demand video of the event, click here!