On-Demand: Planning Successful Studies for Cell and Gene Therapy – What to Know Now

Project Farma’s EVP, Tony Khoury, took part in a one-of-a-kind panel discussion with a unique group of experts in cell and gene therapy studies. These pioneers have been involved in multiple programs that led to FDA-approved cell and gene therapies. In the panel, they shared lessons learned from experience, giving actionable insights on every stage of a trial—from the lab, to studies, to logistics and biomanufacturing. Topics that were covered include:

  • Creating an effective study plan, spanning sample center study, manufacturing QC, and contingency plans to anticipate disruption
  • Managing safety and toxicity, including medical and safety signals pre- and post-infusion
  • Utilizing the latest techniques to monitor both distribution and persistence of the cellular or gene therapy
  • Establishing a biomanufacturing strategy and considerations for building a facility
To watch the webinar, click here!