Philanthropy: Step Up for Change

From fighting a pandemic to fighting for racial equality, 2020 has proven to be a year of change. Since the start, PF’s CARES culture has been driven by our team’s dedication and passion to give back. With these changing times, Project Farma is dedicated to being the Positive Force of change the world needs right now.

After a lot of thought of how we as a team can be a positive force for change, we are excited to announce the rollout of our Step Up for Change Initiative. Throughout this initiative, we will make our way around the world, stepping for change along the way, for a total of 24,901 miles and the chance to raise over $10,000 for those who need it most.

What are you stepping up for?

We are putting the Positive Force into our team’s hands…or feet we should say, to step up for a cause that matters to them. Each Project Farma team will be tasked with choosing an organization that they want to be a driving Positive Force for. Throughout this fitness challenge, we encourage team members to promote hope, unity, and positivity for those who need it most right now. Where do you want to make a change?


Taking our Lessons Learned, we invested in a new app for Step Up for Change that integrates with all fitness trackers!

Step Up and Win for Big Change

Each team’s distance will be tracked using the MoveSpring app mapping our overall progress around the world. Are you ready to step up for change?

  • Weekly: The team with the most miles walked will get a company match of $1 per mile donated to their team’s overall donation collection.
  • Surprise Challenges: Surprise challenges to help raise more money and awareness for the dedicated causes!
  • Finish Line: At the end of our Step Up for Change challenge, we will round out our trip around the world with a virtual walk on Saturday, October 3rd.

Each team’s overall donation collections will be donated to their team’s organization.